Electronics & Communication Engineering


To produce creative, innovative, competent and ethical engineers who can lead in the ever-changing world of electronics & communication technologies.


  • Imparting quality technical education related to electronics and communication engineering to the students by providing excellent teaching-learning environment.
  • To provide experience in teamwork, communications-oral, written, field work and hands-on activities, through various workshops, industrial visits and carrier guidance programs.
  • To inculcate ethical values and leadership qualities in the minds of students so as to work towards the growth of the society.

Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering

This is a well established programme focuses on Communication/Electronics systems with computer technology, VHDL embedded technology & PLC systems. It develops both technical and management skills. This course mainly helps to enable students to understand the fundamental concepts of engineering with the emphasis on the most relevant to Electronics & Communication Engineering. Diploma holders will have the necessary skills to develop a concept through the design and computer modeling stages, to that of product testing using sophisticated computer controlled instruments. so that diploma holders can take up responsible, exciting and demanding positions in the rapidly growing Electronic industry.

Work & Assessment

Students works are assessed using different methods like Practical works, assignments, internal assessments, seminars & records. The final diploma award is based on both course work and semesters examinations. The students in the final year has to conduct a project work from the live problems from the industry based on the skills and knowledge and is assessed by a combination of written report and presentation.

Awarding Certificate

The Board of Technical Examinations, Directorate of Technical Education, Government of Karnataka will award the final diploma certificate for the students who will complete their Diploma Course successfully.

Course Length & Attendance

The course is of Three years (six semesters) and the students should attend the course full time.

Career Opportunities

Electronics, electrical and communication industries are growing rapidly and diploma holders are often able to choose their career opportunities from these, Employers includes software firms, device manufacturers, automation industries, telecom specialists, power plants, defense establishments and R&D organizations, Marketing and large public sectors.

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